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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the apps be available?

We can’t give you a definitive answer just yet, but we are aiming for the third quarter of 2019. The initial version is being tested at the moment. If you want to help us test the app, please leave us a message using the ‘Ask us anything’ button.

Will I be able to use reptile buddy on my PC?

Yes, along with the mobile apps we will release a browser version of Reptile Buddy. The initial version will probably be ‘mobile-friendly’-only, but we do intend to release a desktop version as well.

Why isn’t everything free?

Unfortunately running an infrastructure like that of Reptile Buddy costs money. We try to keep it as free-of-charge as possible, but in order to make this a sustainable operation over a longer period we have to at least cover our operating costs. We had to draw the line somewhere so it seems logical to ask a subscription fee to companies or pro-sumers that use Reptile Buddy for commercial goals.

Is Reptile Buddy a fulltime job?

No, we still have our day jobs, so it might take us some time to respond to questions you have and updates aren’t as frequent as we want them to be. If the funding from our subscriptions allows it, we can scale up our resources more and make it even more awesome.