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Unfortunately the mobile app isn’t available in the Google Play Store at the moment. You can log in to the web app to access your information.


Reptile Buddy

The Easiest App for Taking Care of your Animals

Keep track of your Animals

Why Reptile Buddy

Keep an eye on how your animals are doing: Track their growth, how they eat and how their appearance has changed.

The full suite of additional tools help you achieve your husbandry and breeding goals.

Reptile Buddy makes our reptile hobby even more fun!

All the tooling you need, for free

Reptile Buddy has all the tools you need

Yes, Reptile Buddy has a paid subscription, but we’ve made sure that all necessary tools are available for everyone to use, whether you are a hobbyist or a business.

This includes:

  • Adding photos, documents and unlimited history to your animals
  • Extended breeding registration and calculation
  • Grouping your animals, for overview purposes
  • Genetics calculator
  • Print info sheets for your animals
  • Using barcodes and our scanner to access your animals, tubs and racks quickly
  • Your own “For sale” page *

* coming in a future update

Reptile Buddy is not just built for hobbyists


Reptile Buddy is not just built for hobbyists, but it has additional tooling for the pro and business users as well. Pro users can use the ‘racks’ feature to quickly enter history like feeding, cleaning or breeding per rack, in stead of per animal. Pro users also get a sales page with their own logo and filtering preferences, including a subscribe mechanism for users to subscribe to updates.

…… and Business

Business users get everything pro users get, of course, but you also get things that can be useful for your specific needs. Add users and assign different permissions, register your expenses and assign it to (sets of) animals and keep track of your and your employees hours. Business users also get access to our e-commerce functionality to feed your animals directly into your web shop or website

Feedback is appreciated

Built for you,

but also by you

Our goal is to produce the best suite of tools for reptile keepers the world has ever seen. But in order to do that, we need your input too. If you have anything you would like to see added to the app, or if you want to help us by voting on suggestions made by other people, please do so by visiting our feedback portal.